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Financial Planning Expert & Author

After over 40 years of giving regulated financial advice, I have sold my company and have headed into semi retirement.

I have been passionate about financial education, both for teenagers and adults alike, having taken time out to write The Money Instruction Book. This has been a feature of my financial planning business over the last 10 years or so where I have concentrated more on investor behaviour than trying to find the last percentage points in fund performance. I firmly believe that money is only the tool to live the life that you desire for you and your loved ones.

Since stepping back from regulated financial advice in the UK I have had some time to research how I was going to run my own personal investments at next to zero cost.  Luckily I have found out how to do this and I now wish to pass on this information to the investing public. To have them keep more of their money in their own funds rather than paying a wealth manager or financial adviser to do what the investor can now do for themselves.  On this page there is a link to The Lifestyle Funding Company, which is a non-regulated financial guidance and tax planning business which does not give investment advice.

With the emphasis being on non-regulated advice, which forbids me from giving specific investment advice to individuals, I can however, show you how to cut out the “middle man” and go directly to the companies that can save you a fortune in investment management fees. This has only been possible over the last year or so in the UK as some of the world’s major investment houses are now accepting investments directly from the investing public.

By teaching you these methods and showing you that money is only a tool to live the lifestyle you want, I can continue to provide financial guidance and investment fee savings to those who need it.

Why don’t you take a look at The Lifestyle Funding Company’s website, which gives you more details on how to save investment management fees.

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